Fancy dreamer button giveaway!!

I recently hit a landmark in followers, so to celebrate I thought I’d do my first ever giveaway! There will be ONE winner and they will get ALL FOUR Fancy Alpha Kid buttons!! The buttons are 1.75” and pinback.


1. ONE LIKE, ONE REBLOG! That’s a total of two entries per person. Don’t cheat or use sideblogs, I will be checking and you will be disqualified!
2. You do not have to be following me to win!
3. One winner will be chosen by a random generator.
4. Must have your ask open! I will also make a post and tag it with your tumblr name if you win. If you don’t respond within three days I will pick another winner.
5. International is okay!
6. Must be okay with telling me your address as well!

This giveaway ends AUGUST 19! Good luck!

Like/Reblog to show Nickelodeon that we want a Book 3 of Korra.


Girl Crushes


Nestle Vagina…. NESTLE VAGINA. Hmmm. That is the oddest one I’ve seen for Nepeta.

Obama: Doesn't want to ban porn.
Obama: Doesn't want to restrict your internet.
Obama: Doesn't want to take away your guns.
Obama: Supports gay marriage.
Obama: Education for all!
Obama: Universal healthcare!
Obama: Wants to continue Planned Parenthood!
Americans: You're destroying this country.
Oh nooooo, eaten note! Okay, so what I want to know is a. do you want your necklace to be Homestuck-themed? It doesn't have to be, but is totally workable if so. b. how long do you want it? Like a choker, or something really long, or somewhere in between? c. I recall that you're allergic to gold - do you want silver? I can also do brass and/or copper.

A choker would be wonderful! It can definitely be Homestuck themed. Silver would be fine.

Reblog if you are so unpopular that you don’t even get an anon’s hate.


  • jane doesn’t know what’s going on. she’s freaking out about jake and everything’s crumbling around her. dirk screams at her to get the hell out of there but she is slow to move. she doesn’t have time to make sense of her situation. the red miles impale her and she dies in the…


Kanaya from Homestuck

I might just cry. This is great.




I regret nothing.


Reblog if you think the next disney prince should be GAY.


4 million and counting

5 million

This should get to 10 million, come on people.

Did Tumblr eat my note? I know it is a ravenous askavore.

I think it did D:>




Excuse me what.

I used to buy/drink these almost every day at school.

I just liked the way they tasted.